Meet Our Team

Jason Bulman


Jason, a creative and project manager by trade, has worked with some of he worlds largest brands. Building multi-faceted campaigns from concept to completion is what he does best. Spending nearly 20 years in a branding environment, Jason has been on the forefront working on many world-class product launches with such brands as Kellogg’s, Kraft, Campbell’s, Harley Davidson, Coach Canada, Megabus and more.

Jason with his youthful charm, when not immersed in the tasks at hand, is usually found playing silly antics on Frank when least expected. The best creative isn’t born out of a stuffy boardroom; it’s carved out of excitement, fun, laughter and determination. If that takes a prank or five, then so be it!

Frank Baldwin


Frank is a business leader with extensive operations experience across multiple sectors. With a proven background in operations, marketing, brand, website development, graphic design, and team building. Frank has extensive experience working with name brands such as IBM, HP, HedgeStone, VEEAM, and fortune 500 companies for brand awareness, product deployment, and digital strategies.

Frank is known for his easy-going attitude and boyish enthusiasm when a project comes together. His creativity, drive for perfection, and entrepreneurial spirit enhances his ability to produce extraordinary results.